Wynnie Mynerva’s (b.1992, Lima, Peru) practice spans painting, performance and video, railing against centuries of Western, phallocentric artwork which has perpetuated the dynamic of male as active, female as passive. Wynnie Mynerva seeks to reject this standard, as well as the binary notion of gender on which it is based. Their monumental paintings depict convoluted bodies in a state of constant flux, refusing to be defined or contained, subverting the methods and mythological iconography of Old Masters to produce emancipatory visions of disobedience and pleasure.


In 2023, Mynerva’s work was the subject of solo exhibitions at the New Museum, New York and Gathering, London; they have also had solo presentations at Latchkey Gallery, New York (2021); Museo AMANO, Lima (2020) and Fundación Euroidiomas, Lima (2019) amongst others. Mynerva is currently undertaking a residency at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.