Based in London and Ibiza, Gathering is a contemporary art gallery, presenting a diverse exhibition programme of international emerging voices alongside established artists.

Gathering is a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition and works with The Anti-Slavery Collective and Embode.


Our microgallery Glasshouse presents a fluid approach to programming, fostering emergent creative practitioners alongside Gathering’s main exhibitions. Expanding outwards from the gallery’s Viewing Room space, Glasshouse encompasses exhibitions, performances and events from artists and creatives at a wide range of career stages.


Alex Flick, Founder/Director Christopher Aldgate, Director Olga Shelkovnikova, Director Gathering Ibiza Nina Ledwoch, Associate Director Gia MacCallum, Head of Operations Sybilla Griffin, Gallery Associate Blythe Thea Williams, Assistant Registrar Samantha Debenham, Executive Assistant Katia Biaz, Gallery Assistant Gathering Ibiza


For press enquiries contact, Fabian Strobel Lall

Gathering does not accept unsolicited submissions of works of art, whether physically or electronically.

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