Art SG: Tai Shani

Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 Jan 2024
Booth FC16
Tai Shani’s practice is characterised by fluidity and multidisciplinary nature – often spanning years, her projects build on a complex network of references which reappear throughout her performances, films, paintings, sculptures and installations. Foundations of Shani’s inspiration lie in her theoretical prose and extensive trans-historical research, providing ground for addressing the construction of subjectivity in the light of reproductive labour, structural inequality, illness, solidarity, and the relationship with the natural world. Using recovered feminised aesthetics of floral, erotic and fantastical imagery, the artist constructs complete cosmologies in which violence and eroticism deterritorialise bodies and imagine pre patriarchal pasts and post-patriarchal futures.
Thursday, 18 January | 5pm–9pm
Friday, 19 January | 12pm – 7pm
Saturday, 20 January | 11am – 7pm
Sunday, 21 January | 11am – 5pm
Limited Tickets available via the Art SG website.